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The Life of Matthews 158

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Plastic-type bags and films wholesale through the company "Polymer"

The company "Polymer" continues to be creating polymer bags and film in excess of twenty five years. The true secret to your secure achievement is actually a group of knowledgeable accomplished leaders, engineers and managers. Continuous changing of your fleet of equipment, coaching of staff members, utilization of innovative research and technologiesresearch and development will allow the company "Polymer" to get amongst the frontrunners of your Ukrainian market place of polymer items. Top rated Ukrainian companies, Western companies and other popular brands spot orders for packages and films without and with a logo design.

Modern day automated extruders are set up on the extrusion section. The company's arsenal of equipment is complemented with a great-efficiency extrusion collection for the production of motion picture. By using our technical capabilities, we can generate bundles and motion pictures of the modification and size.

These are typically biopacks, eco packages (starchy foods), banana packages, T-tee shirt features, garbage packs, packing packs, company logo packages, easy-to-open deal with packages, liner bags, laundry hand bags, dried up cleaners and inns. In the "Products" section you may get acquainted with a list of preferred merchandise amongst our customers, as well as talk to the director and make an order.

To get this done, we use raw materials from famous European and Ukrainian manufacturers. The film is generated around the newest high-technician equipment, the merchandise get unique qualities with adding stabilizers, chemical dyes and naturally degradable preservatives. According to their technical requirements, thanks to innovative and scientific approaches, our customers receive products.

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